2017 Vendors

The Artists Tribe

2226 Veach Road
Owensboro, Kentucky

Artists Tribe is a collective group of local artists from Owensboro, KY and Louisville, KY. A place where magic happens and almost every item is one of a kind. We do charity concerts every Saturday night and offer art classes to the community every Saturday from 12-3. Artists Tribe wants to expose more people to art and give back to our community while most of all we are a musician and artists coalition for giving.

Tattoo Machines

911 Osborne St.
St Marys, GA


The Sunroom Plants and Aquatics

226 Veach Rd.,
Owensboro, Kentucky

We are a family owned specialty plants and aquatics service located in Owensboro Kentucky.  We specialize in the appreciation of, knowledge about and care of, natural wonders in their various forms, including: Aquariums, freshwater tropical fish, live aquatic plants, ponds, Koi, Orchids, Bonsai, Gemstone collecting, supplies and equipment for all of the above. Our focus is to be a specialty service provider for hobbyists & collectors, as well as a supplier of products & equipment for the care of unique plants and aquatic fish.

Kirby Komforts

Call (270) 314-6662
email: kirbykomforts@gmail.com

All Rag Quilts are 100% cotton fabric and batting for that luxurious natural feel. The crochet throws/blankets are all made with yarn that you want to cuddle up with. What good is having a throw that is stuck in a drawer and not used because the yarn is “scratchy”. The Dish Cloths are made from 100% cotton grown in the USA and the Spa Cloths are also made from 100% cotton grown in the USA for that extra pampering experience.

KS Studio


Owensboro, Kentucky

I’ve been making candles for 18 years I concentrate on highly scented candle making lately I have decided to do a line called “Candle Ink” inspired by tattoos and feel that everyone can have expressions not only on their skin but on their candles. It’s a fun way to change things up I also have a refill program where I will refill the containers when empty for $.50 an ounce with any scent or color they choose therefore calling this never ending candles! Thank you I’m looking forward to the convention. Penny Mullins Penny’Scents Candles

Sass -N- Class Bowtique

Owensboro, Kentucky

I’ve been in the crafty world for about 3 years, I originally started with hair bows when my first daughter would actually wear them and as I progressed with that, I joined some Facebook groups and auctions and built my little business from there. After about 1-2 years of that, I ventured into the vinyl world and began making various things with vinyl. So far my custom cups have been my biggest seller but the possibilities are endless with vinyl 🙂

The Inner Bailey

411 Princeton Street
Providence, KY 42450

We are the owners and sole crafters of The Inner Bailey; and for 16 years we’ve been doing handcrafted leather armor, garb, and accessories for Medieval and Renaissance re-enactment, weddings, etc. We’ve costumed some movies and Broadway theatre, as well.

Sharp Smith Creations

Owensboro, KY

A collaborative project of Peyton and Ronnie that began in 2017 out of boredom and a need for another creative outlet. We do not approach projects with intention, rather we let the paint speak for itself..”It is what it is”

WitchHaven Apothecary

Owensboro, KY

They sell handcrafted single batch Medicinal Health Products and Metaphysical products from Bath and Body products to stones/crystals/rocks, incense, herbs, resins, palo santo, sweet grass, Spell kits, salt lamps, jewelry, fermenting supplies, handcrafted teas, candle holders, candles, oddities from nature, books, music, Tarot cards, oracle cards, organic aloe plants and more.


Hurricane, WV

Mookie’s Bindings

Looking for a unique gift for that special person in your life? Maybe your just looking to spoil yourself with a one of a kind item?.. Why not you deserve it?… Or perhaps, it’s a bit of spice or a little something different to bring into the bedroom you desire? No matter what it is you are looking for, Mookie’s Bindings is sure to have just the thing for you. From the leather artwork, whips and gear of all kinds, to our spa quality scented candles, our creators strive to offer something unique and different for everyone to enjoy.  Specializing in ONLY ONE OF A KIND leather items that are entirely handmade and using no machinery at all, we proudly craft leather in ways you have never seen before! Our team has not stopped at just leather either. We have found the perfect blend of cosmetic grade wax and used it to create our truly orgasmic candle experience. Designed for a low temp burn, and leaving your skin feeling soft and smelling good these candles, are a MUST! Stop by and see us on any location for your own personal demonstration right at the table. Whether you pick one of the many hand crafted items offered on our table, or choose to have your own one of a kind item created by our team, we guarantee you will fall in love with your purchase!