2017 Contests

How to Enter & Vote

Enter the day of the convention at the judge’s both. Entry fee is $5.

Trophies will be awarded for all categories!

Audience Choice votes will be $1 per vote. All proceeds from the Audience Choice votes will go to Daniel Pitino Shelter and the Neblett Center.


  • Small Black & Gray 11:30am
    (5x7 or Less)
  • Medium Black & Gray 12:00pm
    (Less than 8x10)
  • Large Black & Gray 12:30pm
  • Small Color (5x7 or Less) 1:00pm
  • Medium Color (Less than 8x10) 1:30pm
  • Large Color 2:00pm
  • Best Watercolor 2:30pm
  • Best Blackwork 3:00pm
  • Best Sleeve (arm) 3:30pm
  • Best Sleeve (leg) 4:00pm
  • Best Full Back 4:30pm
  • Best Chest 5:00pm
  • Most Unusual 5:30pm
  • Best Overall 6:00pm
  • Audience Choice
  • Best of Day 7:00pm